Nutrition Matters!!

A Positive Impact!  

When asked about the positive impact the programs have had on students in their school, teachers in CKL have said:


“Students are able to focus on school work because they are not hungry” (I.E. Weldon Secondary School)


“The students are very appreciative of the availability of breakfast in the mornings.” (St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School)


“Feeding our kids allows them to be ready to learn; it essentially sets them up for educational and social success throughout the day. It also promotes healthy eating choices. This program promotes positive social interactions with adults in the building and other students.” (Woodville Elementary School)


“Students can't learn when they are hungry. We keep kids fed, provide basic nutrition and comfort so they can learn.” (St. John Paul II Catholic Elementary School)

Why Do Children go to school hungry?


There are many reasons why children go to school hungry:


•  Hurried morning routines
•  Long bus rides to school
•  Child is not hungry before leaving for school
•  Families have developed the habit of not  eating breakfast
•  Students who eat early in the morning are often hungry again

    before school begins
•  Students involved with early morning practices and rehearsals

    often need to “top up”
•  Lack of parental supervision at mealtime
•  Insufficient food in the home

Objectives of Student Nutrition


•  To ensure all children in City of Kawartha Lakes

    attend school well nourished and ready to learn
•  To support the healthy development of children

    and youth
•  To promote healthy eating habits among children

    and youth
•  To create healthy eating environments in schools

Types of Programs



Breakfast, Morning Meal & Lunch:

A meal contains food from three out of the four food groups of Canada’s Food Guide, and must include at least one serving from the Vegetables and Fruit food group and one serving from the Milk and Alternatives food group.


A snack contains food from two out of the four food groups of Canada’s Food Guide, and must include at least one serving from the Vegetables and Fruit food group.

For additional information on healthy eating, please explore the following links:

Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating

Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services Nutrition Guidelines

Safe Food Handling

Health Canada: Schools and Nutrition

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